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We wanted to build a blog engine that is focused on writing, helps writers write their stories, finds distribution, and helps readers read them easily in one place.

Everyone in Zemuria Inc. wanted to write. When we explored blog engines to write our stories, we found Substack. But we had many problems. We thought Substack solved that issue until they did not. They had a few problems.
  1. They did not build enough distribution for their writers early on, and their top writers relied on Twitter for distribution.
  2. When substack tried to create a social media inside substack that was a copy of Twitter (X) UI/UX, Twitter proceeded to nuke the existence of substack’s links and the word itself thus eviscerating whatever reach they had.
  3. The above situation also meant that those who did not have a following/subscriber base in substack did not have any reach to expand.
  4. Substack does not have a reader feed where we can read exciting new articles and find great ones without having to subscribe to the entire publication.
Plus other problems that substack did not solve that everyone wanted, which include monetization, blogging standards on SEO, etc.

We are working towards solving them. If you are excited to help us and bring out your writing skills,

Start Writing with us.
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