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Kix News is a news and media brand that delivers unique coverage of international affairs to keep you informed and updated. With a clear focus on international news coverage, Kix News aims to address the significant gap in comprehensive global information available to Tamil speakers.

The following short thesis outlines the compelling reasons for us to consider investing in Kix News and the potential it holds in becoming a prominent and influential source of international news for Tamil-speaking audiences.

While Tamil media is rich in regional news, there remains an underserved demand for accurate, unbiased, and timely global news updates.

While existing sources offer limited international news coverage within larger programming, Kix News stands out as a dedicated platform, providing comprehensive and in-depth coverage of global events.

This unique value proposition positions it as a go-to destination for Tamil speakers seeking reliable insights into world affairs.

With the increasing globalization of information, there is a growing need for individuals to be informed about global events that impact their lives. Kix News not only informs but also empowers Tamil speakers to engage with the world and make informed decisions.

By broadening perspectives and fostering a global outlook, Kix News contributes to the socio-economic and cultural development of its audience.

Catch Kix News live, every morning at 6 AM, IST as they bring exclusive international news in Tamil through Youtube & Facebook Watch.
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