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Zbiz is an e-Commerce Accelerator designed to transform your business into an iBusiness, an intelligent online venture in the era of AI.

Zbiz was originally the first product that we built. As Zemuria in Zemuria Inc. We started that for a wide variety of reasons as Internet proliferation has reached new highs with the availability of low-cost Internet in countries like India in the last few years. If we take India as an example, internet commerce is always growing and more and more people are likely to purchase from the Internet. It should not be forgotten that more than 1 billion people in India still do not have access to the Internet at all. With the widespread adoption of the Internet, Internet commerce only has one direction to move and that is growth.

This however brings a plethora of problems of its own. Do we have the infrastructure necessary to support merchants who want to sell their products online? Be they digital or physical products.

Shopify is one of the first companies to ever step into solving this problem nearly 17 years ago. But their offering is not enough to solve the problems that the current generation of merchants and DTCs are facing.

Shopify enjoys around 46k paying merchants in India alone. Growing merchants in India have faced problems with delivery/shipping, payment gateways integration (due to the RBI embargo on onboarding new customers in payment gateways), etc.

The problems of the current generation of merchants and DTC players in the market are beyond just accessing a medium to start an e-commerce store. Choices abound. Shopify is just an option. Woo-commerce is another major player here. They can always choose to go for headless options or get a digital marketing/IT shop to build them a store.

What they really need is help in scaling their businesses, increasing sales, finding potential customers, and a great support team in growing their online business journey and as importantly, in establishing & verifying trust which consumers have come to rely on in marketplace sites like Amazon/Flipkart but rarely seen on Individual sites, increasing the possibility of scams. (Especially in India, where credit-card chargeback is tough/nearly impossible)

This is why we started Zbiz as an e-Commerce accelerator where we also offer hand-held guidance on growing our merchant’s businesses and sales. We’ll be your extended IT team. We help you grow together. We help you establish trust. You just need to focus on product quality, fulfilling your shipping obligations and refilling your inventory. We take care of the rest.

Join us to become a Zbiz Merchant.
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